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Life North of the 54th

Lives with stories, stories with life.

Brothers Garett and Preston Brown bring out the stories and legacy of life in the Peace Country and life north of the 54th parallel.

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30: Better Together, with Betty and Owen Stanford

1 Jun 2024 - 34 minutes

Betty and Owen Stanford join us to share experiences from their lives and their 55 years of marriage. They share their love of the Fairview, Alberta area as well as some stories from their adventures in England. They also discuss the vicissitudes of their church volunteer service over the decades.

29: New Perspectives, with Farouq Hassanali

1 May 2024 - 57 minutes

Farouq joins us to discuss his love of science and his journey of becoming an educator. He shares the lessons he has learned from moving to the Peace Country and being in closer contact with people and nature. He also reveals some stories from his career as a high school teacher over the last two decades.

28: Intertwining Generations, with Andrea and James Wheat

1 Apr 2024 - 51 minutes

James and Andrea Wheat share a variety of stories and laughs as they reminisce about their past and how it weaved through the Peace Country. They also discuss how their families have been brought together again and again for generations.

27: Invisible Influencers, with Laurence Hunt

1 Mar 2024 - 37 minutes

Laurence Hunt emphasizes the positive impact that his brief time in the Peace Country had on his life. From the people to the wildflowers, he shares stories of how living in the Peace Country taught him to be happy. We also very grateful to Laurence for sharing some additional stories and feelings about Jeannie MacKinnon.

26: A Sense of Place, with Jonathan Ockey

1 Feb 2024 - 51 minutes

Jonathan Ockey shares his story and discusses the experiences that shaped his appreciation for the Peace Country. He talks about some of his formative experiences and what led to where he is today. He also explores what it is that connects people to the land.

25: An Eye to the Sky, with William Brown

1 Jan 2024 - 48 minutes

William has a passion for the universe, near and far. He talks about the privileges he's had growing up in Fort St. John, BC, from the close community, to the dark skies, to the olympic oval. He shares his gratitude for friends, family, and those who work behind the scenes to provide for others.

24: Coaching, with John Strong

1 Dec 2023 - 49 minutes

John Strong loves being outdoors and coaching volleyball. He shares how unexpected life can be and how it can be difficult to adapt and navigate. He shares some entertaining stories, hard earned wisdom, and appreciation for how his time in the Peace Country shaped his life.

23: W.A.C. Bennett Dam

1 Nov 2023 - 14 minutes

Garett and Preston discuss the construction and aftermath of the W.A.C. Bennett Dam, one of the world's highest earth fill dams. They discuss the impact the dam has had on the Tsek'ehne of Northern British Columbia.

22: Discovering New Places, with Jordan Streeper

1 Oct 2023 - 48 minutes

Jordan shares his experiences growing up north of the Peace Country. He talks about life in a small town and the adventures of moving to the big city.

21: Late Nights, with Alex Pradzinski

1 Sep 2023 - 48 minutes

Alex reminisces about time spent together with friends and family while growing up in Grande Prairie. He talks about his experience growing up in the Peace Country and shares some of the lessons that he's learned along the way.

20: Old Friends, with Stephen Makus

1 Jun 2023 - 45 minutes

From the previous conversation with Stephen Makus, Garett and Stephen catch up about life. They discuss how they've changed over the years and what has driven the change. This conversation was recorded in September 2022.

19: Blending Families, with Leisa and Rick Olson

1 May 2023 - 68 minutes

Leisa and Rick Olson lived through a Year of Hell shortly after moving to the Peace Country. They share how they were able to navigate the difficulties together and how both the people and the land of the Peace Country supported them through it.

18: Navigating Changes, with Ron and Laura Brown

1 Apr 2023 - 58 minutes

Ron and Laura Brown join us to share their experience of blending their lives together. They discuss some of the details that brought them together along with a family trip to Disneyland. They also reflect on how life has changed over the years and how being empty nesters pulls them away from the Peace Country.

17: Listening and Reflecting, with Ron Stanford

1 Mar 2023 - 50 minutes

Ron Stanford takes us through his journey of falling in love with the north and appreciating its offer of a simpler lifestyle. He discusses the north's natural beauty as well as the resilience developed from enduring the unforgiving nature.

16: Teaching and Learning, with Kim Houlder

1 Feb 2023 - 71 minutes

Kim Houlder recently retired as the chemistry teacher at Peace Wapiti Academy, having taught there since the school opened in 2001. With many years of experience and even more stories, Kim shares some laughs and insights into life as a teacher and what it means to be part of a community in the Peace Country.

15: There and Back Again, with David Woodruff

1 Jan 2023 - 54 minutes

David Woodruff embraces opportunities for self-reflection and personal development. He shares the winding path of his experiences that brought him to better understand why he calls the North home.

14: Creative Endeavours, with Arlin Fehr

1 Dec 2022 - 56 minutes

Arlin Fehr shares his experiences and feelings about growing up on a farm north of Fort St. John. He exchanges stories related to driving and weather along with some of his feelings surrounding building community with others.

13: Dr. Mary Percy Jackson

1 Nov 2022 - 25 minutes

Garett and Preston discuss the remarkable life of Dr. Mary Percy Jackson, the only doctor to much of the Peace Country during the first half of the 20th century. Her stories are recorded in the letters she wrote to her family in England and the biography written of her life.

12: Rediscovery, with Stephen Makus

1 Oct 2022 - 46 minutes

Stephen Makus digs deep and shares the evolution of his feelings for the Peace Country. He talks about how the complexities and complications of life have helped him to rediscover the beauty of the Peace region and how his path to self-understanding lead through surprisingly similar spaces.

11: Persistent Adventurers, with Jeannie MacKinnon

1 Sep 2022 - 21 minutes

Jeannie MacKinnon recounts how she met her current husband Jim along with some of the wild adventures they've shared together. She shares some of the experiences they've had exploring the Peace Country and the world together.

10: Our Formative Years

1 Jun 2022 - 41 minutes

Garett and Preston meander through some of their earliest memories about growing up in the Peace Country. They talk about some of the memories that left lasting impressions, question their reality, and discuss the roll that emotions play in their longevity.

9: Coming and Going, with Laura Brown

1 May 2022 - 46 minutes

Laura Brown provides insight into growing up in Peace Country and the journey through the formative years of her life. She shares some stories of her mischievous behaviour and some of the more inspiring experiences of her youth.

8: Coming Together, with Emma Lambert

1 Apr 2022 - 54 minutes

Emma Lambert describes the can-do attitude the permeates the Peace Country. She shares stories from her childhood growing up in small communities and isolated homesteads. She also provides some words of wisdom and a number of good laughs.

7: Golden Tales, with Robert Blum

1 Mar 2022 - 73 minutes

Rob Blum relays the words of people throughout the Peace Country who have piqued his interest in gold. He shares his interest in understanding the geology and glaciology of the Peace and how it influences the people. Rob also tells few other stories about his experiences and the history of the Peace Country.

6: Stories of the Settlers, with Robert Blum

1 Feb 2022 - 65 minutes

Rob Blum shares accounts of some of the first settlers of the Peace Country as he met them over the years. His stories span the vastness of the prairies and the richness found in the land and its people.

5: Focusing on Family, with Ronald Brown

1 Jan 2022 - 57 minutes

Ron Brown has some stories to share about growing up with his family just north of Fort St. John. He discusses some of the shenanigans of his youth with his brothers along with a few of his more mature decisions as a newlywed.

4: Being the Youngest, with Jessie Meservy

1 Dec 2021 - 51 minutes

Jessie Meservy talks about growing up without many modern amenities. She shares some stories about her father, what it was like growing up on the farm, and how she feels at home in the Peace Country.

3: Building a Life Together, with Jim and Pam Brown

1 Nov 2021 - 60 minutes

Jim and Pam Brown share what brought them to the Peace Country and what keeps them there. Between harsh winters and beautiful summers, the people in the North come together to support each other as they build a life together.

2: Moving West, with Jeannie MacKinnon Hanlon

1 Oct 2021 - 36 minutes

Jeannie MacKinnon Hanlon discusses how life brought her from Eastern Canada to the Peace Country. She shares how God works in mysterious ways to bring individuals and families together. She also talks about her 26 years of experience as a secretary in the office at Harry Balfour School.

1: Homesteading, with Janie Myers

1 Sep 2021 - 48 minutes

Janie Myers shares her story about moving from Idaho to the Peace Country to make a new life homesteading. She talks about some of the challenges and difficulties that accompany working and raising a family without many modern amenities.

Life North of the 54th, Show Trailer

1 Aug 2021 - 2 minutes

Lives with stories, stories with life. Brothers Garett and Preston Brown bring out the stories and legacy of life in the Peace Country and life north of the 54th parallel.